Becoming a conference producer is, in our view, one of the most exciting and dynamic roles for a graduate to get into.

As the creative force behind the commercial hubs of the events world, you’ll be responsible for market research that will unveil the most important topics and trends across a huge roster of potential industries you’ll specialise in: these can range anywhere from Security, Tech, and Telecoms, to Education, Health, Energy, Leisure and many many more. A conference producer’s research involves speaking to experts face-to-face and over the phone, ranging from analysts to high-level executives, generating proposals, and creating the shape and content of the events themselves. University graduates are uniquely positioned to fulfil these tasks: your studies will have given you the critical abilities and tools to dissect a given research topic. The aim is to produce creative copy, brochures, agendas, and whatever other kind of literature might be deemed necessary for a conference’s successful undertaking.

As well as speaking to industry experts, you’ll be tasked with securing their attendance as eminent speakers, making use of the flawless social skills you’ll have no doubt spent your degree perfecting. You might be wondering why you’re planning events if you don’t get the opportunity to see them yourself. No need, because you’ll be attending as well! The international scope of many conference companies means you could find yourself globetrotting across the world’s continents: events can take place anywhere from South Africa, Russia, and India, to North and South America. It’s imperative that you show up, not just so you can marvel at your creation, but also to ensure its smooth running and to apply those networking skills university students are so famous for: it’s one thing for a speaker to attend a conference, a whole other thing to keep them coming back again and again. This is where the client-facing side of conference production becomes important, as your presence will offer opportunities to build on existing relationships that could last your entire career.

If you’re interested in Conference Producer jobs, here are some of the things we’re looking for:

  • Research, analysis and copywriting skills, the bedrock of any successful conference.
  • A team player, because you’ll be working across sales and marketing teams to coordinate your efforts.
  • Flawless interpersonal and communication skills, as you’ll be charming your way to success.
  • Commercial experience either post-graduation or during your degree, to build transferable skills
  • A 2:1 degree, either BA or BSc, seeing as it’s the cornerstone of academic intelligence.
  • Language skills that are worth your weight in gold in the events industry.
  • Last, and not least, you’ll want to be financially driven, as the bottom line, as with all businesses, is to produce a product that generates revenue.


Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about Conference Producer jobs, how they work and how we can help you find one.

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