World Mental Health Day

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October 10th this year marks Mental Health Day – a topic that is more relevant than ever.

The Mental Health Foundation, who are promoting the day as a time to reflect on our own practices as well as how we can best support others, have put together a handy list of tips on ways to improve your mental health that are backed by research.

We’ll summarise them for you below:

  • Get closer to nature
  • Learn to understand and manage your feelings
  • Talk to someone you trust for support
  • Be aware of using drugs and/or alcohol to cope with difficult feelings
  • Try to make the most of your money and get help with problem debt
  • Get more from your sleep
  • Be kind and help create a better world
  • Keep moving
  • Eat healthy food
  • Be curious and open-minded to new experiences
  • Plan things to look forward to

Find more resources from the Mental Health Foundation here.

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